I am committed to getting the best possible compensation for my clients. I focus on bringing people together as we work toward resolution. Of course, the two “C’s”in the logo are representative of the “C’s” in my firm name, but they also represent chairs (parties) coming together - looking at one another: to talk, to listen, to communicate.

PERSONAL // Attention

These “chairs” are, first and foremost, symbolic of me and my client. Each case does, in fact, start with a meeting between the potential client, and me. Throughout representation I continue to communicate personally with my clients; I take the time to listen to, provide support and encouragement to, and advise each individual about their options. Additionally, every client is provided with my direct line, my email address and my cell phone number. I encourage folks to contact me, at any time, with a question or concern. (Yes, really.) Working with me means my clients have the benefit of having their questions answered, and the answers explained.

PROFESSIONAL // Communication

These “chairs” are also symbolic of when I, on behalf of my client, engage in communication with the insurance company representative. Depending on the stage of resolution, sometimes that representative is an insurance claims adjuster, and sometimes it is an insurance company lawyer. My prior employment at a national insurance company has given me an insider's knowledge of what information is important for proving the legitimacy of my clients' claims.   

Finally, these “chairs” are symbolic of the communication that my client and I may have with a jury.  If we do seek resolution from a jury, I put the time in to ensure we are fully prepared, and we always approach a jury with the utmost humility and respect.

PEACE OF MIND // Protection

No matter to whom I am relating on behalf of my clients, my clients always rest assured that I engage in all of these conversations with the utmost professional respect and courtesy. Unnecessary battles are avoided, efficient and effective resolution are the priority.      

Of course, no matter the best efforts to negotiate a resolution, there are times when it is still recommended that a client file a lawsuit and pursue their final resolution from a jury’s decision. 

Still, sometimes my clients simply do not want to go that route. When that is the case, I never pressure a client to move forward with litigation. I know and appreciate my role as counselor and facilitator. Whichever stage a client chooses to resolve their case, for whatever reason, it is my privilege to facilitate the same. I am here for you.