Carns Curtiss Law, PLLC is a law firm based in Oklahoma City, OK, serving the entire state, practicing exclusively in these areas of plaintiffs’ personal injury matters: roadway-related (auto/pedestrian/motorcycles) and slip and fall injuries.

Ms. Curtiss has the experience and privilege of representing all types of clients: individuals and small businesses to national companies. The firm handles matters ranging from the moderate to catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Clients of Carns Curtiss Law, PLLC can be confident that their case will be handled by an extremely competent attorney who will work diligently to bring their case to an efficient and positive resolution. Our firm is proud of our reputation and our ability represent clients, providing first class service and in-depth legal knowledge. 

While our firm works hard on behalf of its clients to resolve matters without a need for filing suit or going to trial, we consider it a privilege to offer experienced and passionate litigation and trial representation when negotiations reveal, instead, that it is well-advised to pursue full and fair resolution by way of a jury trial.